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What is a

 Puppy Mill or Broker?





























What is a

 Puppy Mill or Broker?

















Original    French Bulldog Artwork for your home by Susan Caton
















What is a

 Puppy Mill or Broker?


















































Is a French Bulldog joining your family?

     Read this page to find out important health issues and all the things


      you need to buy to make your new family member comfortable

      in your home.


 BLUE French Bulldogs?  Really?!!!

   you do not want to go there!








For a complete list of health testing done by serious breeders click HERE:    

Important to note not many good breeders do ALL of these tests in particular the Tracheal Hypoplasia, but they do the majority of them. So ask your breeder which of these tests they conduct on the dogs they breed.


    No matter who you get your Frenchie from you must get pet insurance. This is an expensive breed to own as well as purchase

The insurance I use and recommend is Healthy Paws  



         Small throat & nose openings makes excessive exercise & heat dangerous to this breed. Their throats can swell during the  strain to get enough air into their body during these situations and the dog can suffocate quickly so be careful when pet is playing  with children outside during warm months. These are not outside dogs and should never be left outside in hot climates for any  period of time-just quick trips to go potty and back inside.  Breathing problem videos

This link has detailed explanations of breathing issues of flat faced dogs:    

Brachycephalic Breathing

There is surgery that can easily correct breathing problems in bulldogs, but it should be done by a specialist soft tissue surgeon at a specialty hospital as soon as symptoms present.

In my experience, symptoms appear anywhere from 7 months old to 4 years old.

Symptoms: Spitting up clear mucous or white foam and food regularly. Making gagging noises. Dog starts tiring quickly after normal exertion he used to perform with no panting. Dog passes out.

Should you need help locating such a specialist in your area your breeder should be able to recommend one or visit   French Bulldog Vet Links  . You may also email me for recommendations in your area.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance will cover this surgery should your Frenchie need it.



       French Bulldogs cannot tolerate intravenous anesthesia and should have pure gas to put them under during surgical procedures-i.e. spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning etc.  Isoflurane is the best gas for this use.  Note: A reversible intravenous anesthesia that lasts 20 seconds so the tube for gas may be inserted for gas administration should not be confused with using intravenous anesthesia through out the entire surgery.

Non-Reversible Intravenous anesthesia can easily cause death in this breed.   Click HERE for correct protocol details.


Smaller tubing such as used for Chihuahua’s is the correct size for gas administration. 

To be safe Frenchies should not be put under anesthesia for a lengthy time until 6 months of age except in case of an emergency.  

Young and old Frenchies are more prone to have adverse reactions to anesthesia.    



Teeth Cleaning-  In most cases teeth cleaning at Vet clinics requires the use of anesthesia and is conducted by a vet tech and NOT the veterinarian.  Be sure and ask lots of questions about the clinic's teeth cleaning procedure before leaving your Frenchie in their care. Make sure clinic is aware of the anesthesia issues with this breed and they will use gas instead of intravenous or ACEPROMOZENE. Also request the vet conduct the cleaning himself or herself to supervise the administration of anesthesia -even if it costs more.



Certain colors are not allowed by the breed standard because they carry genes for genetic defects.  Disqualifying colors were placed in the breed standard not for aesthetic reasons, but to promote good health.   BLUE is not allowed because FBs this color are prone to go blind and develop cataracts at an early age. To see more about color and health click here: FB COLORS.




Since Frenchies have small throat openings you must be careful when giving pills that are not chewable.

When giving  oral medications such as pills, place pill in small amount of peanut butter or cream cheese on a butter knife and wipe it on the back of the dog's tongue when they open their mouth.  They will gladly swallow the pill.


 FB Spines 

      Frenchie spines are not normal. Many have deformed vertebrae in their spines to achieve the necessary roached back to meet the breed standard. There are varying degrees of vertebrae deformity called Hemi-vertebrae and Butterfly vertebrae and if they are located in the supported area of the thorax most dogs will live a full active life with no limitations on physical activity.  It is important to X Ray all puppies to determine the degree and location of deformed vertebrae in order to place the puppy in the appropriate home environment. At Maxime French BUlldogs all our puppies are x rayed at 8 - 9 weeks old.

      Read all about FB spine issues by Dr. Jan Grebe here: FB Back Talk

DO NOT ALLOW your Frenchie to jump down from heights above the level of a chair or sofa cushion. Jumping off the bed onto the floor is the largest cause of soft tissue injuries in this breed and can easily herniate or rupture a disk requiring expensive back surgery costing 10k-12k at a specialty hospital. To defer these costs, get pet insurance on your Frenchie now.



 Due to their “top heavy” weight-some French Bulldogs must be careful going DOWN stairs as they become seniors. 

This same “top heavy” weight distribution prevents them from swimming if not completely then for any length of time. 

Those who own pools or live near water should be careful and closely supervise their Frenchies when they have access to the water.    

Note: Once Frenchies reach 5 yrs. and older they may suffer back injuries jumping down from heights they were able to before due to degenerative disk disease common in Frenchies.  Due to the unusual construction of a French Bulldog's spine, some FBs are more prone to injury than others. An X-Ray as a puppy can help identify Frenchies that may have a problem as they age so the owner knows what to avoid.


FBs & Cancer 

Mast Cell Tumors are common in this breed. The good news is malignant tumors detected early with a needle biopsy can be removed and eliminated.  They can take different forms: small wart like growth on top of the dermis or lump under the skin are some of the forms.  Late detection and removal can result in expensive treatment or death. To find out more and what to look for see these links:





 Puppy food should be fed for this breed for the first 6 months of life. Depending on your FB's metabolism they can transition to adult food at 7-8 months of age.  I feed Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice Puppy .


Stay away from MEAL based foods such as Nutro or Royal Canin  that are low in nutrients, primarily rice and not suitable for this muscular breed.


Purina is the only pet food manufacturer who owns all the plants their canned and dry food products are manufactured in and therefore control the quality of ingredients that go into those foods.


Because of strict quality controls, Purina the only pet food manufacturer that I trust. Pro Plan and ONE are their top quality brands with real meat as the first ingredient.

 All Purina pet food formulas are tested in the Purina Research Center to make sure each formula contains 100% of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to prolong your pet's life and promote health. Purina also randomly tests their formulas after production to make sure their ingredients are up to their standards.

Remember whenever changing foods to transition in the new food by mixing it with the old for 10 days so as not to cause upset to the digestive tract. An adult Pro Plan formula such as grain free PP Chicken & EGG  or  PP Sm Bites Lamb will  be suitable when they go off the  puppy. 




Should your dog develop any kind of skin irritations and severe scratching-please consult your breeder first for advise since she may have other dogs in her line that have the same allergies and can steer you in the right direction. 


Many general veterinarians are prone to give steroids,  cortisone & Derm  Caps to “band aid” the problem instead of treating the source which is either food or environmental

(airborne) allergies. Unless you have your dog tested for antigens, preferably by a DVM Dermatologist, you  will not know what is  causing the allergic reactions. 


The old wives tale of corn causing all the allergy problems with dogs is not true.

A dog can be allergic to any food ingredient not just corn.  A food trial elimination diet must be done to find out what your dog is allergic to if it is food. However if it is grass or tree pollen, changing the food will make no difference.


Just like people dogs are allergic to airborne antigens such as mold, dust, weeds, grass etc.  In fact, I have a friend whose dog is allergic to humans. :)



Even though food allergies may not be the cause  it is what is tested for first because it is  less expensive to test for food allergies than air borne antigens.

Once food allergies are detected the easiest and least expensive route is to try feeding a therapeutic diet of a novel protein (not found in other foods like Salmon, Duck or Venison) such as   Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach & Skin or Purina Veterinary Diets HA  or DVM diet Royal Canin Vegetarian is a good place to start to detect if food allergies are the source.


If no improvement on therapeutic diets  you need to get your dog formal allergy testing at a specialist who performs a skin test to detect antigens your dog is reacting to.  Then an antigen serum is made for your dog to inject weekly to prevent allergic reactions.  


NOTE: Testing for allergies by skin test & blood work to be most effective when done by a DVM Dermatologist.  A general veterinarian at the most  has training  learned in a seminar vs. a Dermatologist DVM who has 4 years of study after vet school specializing in dermatology & allergy detection and treatment.   Since allergies last the lifetime of the pet they can be very expensive in the long run. Be sure you get insurance coverage on your new puppy for at least the first 4 years of its life when allergies can appear. Most allergy dogs start to show signs from 12 months to 3 years of age.  Severe cases can start as early as 6-7 months.




This is an expensive breed to purchase AND maintain especially if there is one of the health issues above.

Pet insurance is an absolute must for this breed. 

92% of pets will experience a major accident or illness in their lifetime. You should never make a medical decision for your beloved dog or cat based on a number in your bank account.

 After a lot of research I chose to use Healthy Paws because they do not put caps on coverage for conditions like other pet insurance companies nor do they disqualify congenital breed issues such as elongated soft palate surgery.

Join today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from
having your pet protected with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance!
Visit the link below and on my site for a 10% discount!

10% DISCOUNT using this link: Healthy Paws 10% OFF
 (10% Discount already included)

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers everything that matters including injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care. With unlimited lifetime benefits, protect your pet with the #1 customer-rated pet insurance plan! Get a free quote and let Healthy Paws pay your vet bills while you care for your pet.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Healthypaws is the insurance I use for my Frenchies  and what I recommend for all Maxime puppy owners.


Which sex is right for you?  

Another consideration is whether a male or female would be right for your family dynamic.  A good breeder will know the personality of each puppy by the time they are 4-6 weeks old and be able to advise new owners which puppy will suit them best.

 On a general basis there are differences in the personalities of each sex in this breed and the difference is the opposite of other breeds. So don't be surprised when a breeder asks you why you want a male or female-she is only trying to educate you and make sure you get the kind of desired behavior you are expecting from that sex.

 Females are the boss in this breed (just like humans, ha). In general the girls are more active and I think a little smarter and therefore more entertaining. They tend to have more energy than the males and tend to suit homes with a more active lifestyle. Females make wonderful playmates in households with children who have lots of energy to play. The females are my favorite because they have so much personality.

 Males although intelligent are mellow and have less energy. They tend to be more obedient making them easier to potty train early (opposite of other breeds). They prefer to lie on the couch and watch the action that goes on around them vs. engaging in it.

 Another consideration is if you already have a dog and it is an alpha dog, a new pet of the opposite sex is generally best to induct into your canine family. Two dogs of the same sex can co exist nicely provided they both are not alpha.

French Bulldog Necessities for all new owners


Chew Toys          

French Bulldogs canNOT chew any rawhide or leather/hoof type dog treats -due to their small throat size the raw hide pieces can break off and lodge in their throat.

Have plenty of hard nylon chew bones for them to chew in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Nylabone DuraChews  are their favorites and they last a long time. Caution to not get the softer plastic Nylabones which Bullies can break off pieces and choke on ONLY GET NYLABONES FOR POWERFUL CHEWERS or Dura Chew. Here are some of  our favorites.



 Do not give your dog Greenies!     These do not dissolve in the stomach and can block the intestine.



For their own safety all our dogs are crate trained and stay in their wire crate  when we leave our home.  Crates provide your pet with their own private space and provide a sense of security for your pet.


Wire crates with hook on water bowls are the best environment for a Frenchie when the owner is away or it is time to go to bed (if they do not sleep in your bed that is)- They also are an important aid  in potty training.


Wire crates are cooler and allow your pet to see out better than the plastic airline crates. For those times your pet wants privacy or warmth you can cover the wire crate with a towel. 


Besides allowing your pet to see out better the wire crates also have a removable bottom pan that you can take out and clean as needed.


The size for French Bulldogs  measures 

                                                       24"L x 18"W x 18"H 






Fans that are battery operated can be purchased to hang on the outside of the metal crates for car travel. ProSelect Deluxe Thermostatic Crate Fan shown in pic



Crate Accessories:  

                    Crate pads can be purchased on line or at dog shows & come in standard sizes to fit all wire crates.

                           www.PetEdge .com           or           JBpet.com   



               or various places including PetSmart & Petco. Size needed is #200 or  to fit 24"L x 18"W crate.  


Stainless Steel Crate Bowls-  size 20 oz  for most frenchies, but 30oz for boys with big heads. 

Found at Petedge website not sold at Petco or Petsmart unfortunately.   

                 You can get them hook on or bolt on. 


          Bolt on Crate bowls     Hook on Crate bowls    Flat sided Crate Pales hung with thumb latch hook




Another form of confinement that aids in potty training is an X-Pen. It is a wire paneled topless pen you can modify the shape and size of to suit your needs.  I use them indoors when potty training young dogs or to block off access to an area. 

Outside they can be used when you travel to create a large area of confinement on the grass. 

Exercise Pen has 8 connected panels (each panel 24W x 24H Inches) to create 16 SQFT living area Playpen is ideal for small dogs up to 16 inches tall.





SOFT Carry on passenger in cabin airline crate- 

Your Frenchie will fit in the LARGE size and slide under the seat in front of you in the passenger cabin. 

Your grown Frenchie will not be able to stand up in it,  but as  long as he can lay down- it will be fine.


                                      Sherpa bag

                      Large 20"L x 11 1/2"H x 11 3/4"W






Soft travel Crate for hotel room -

EliteField-there are also other companies on line but this is the best one I have found.

The size needed for small to average French bulldogs:

24" 3-Door Soft Dog Crate, 24" Long x 18" Wide x 21" High

    Crate folds up and fits in case included so it can be checked by airlines for travel.


Carrying case can be checked on plane with baggage while your pet travels in a Sherpa soft carry on bag in the cabin with you.

Cooling Coat for Frenchies-

Frenchies are sensitive to heat!  A cool coat is necessary for outings in hot climates.

Frenchies are hard to fit so pay attention to the measurements before ordering.

Here are links to some versions that do well on Frenchies:






BEST Harness for Frenchies-


   COMFORTFLEX Sport Harness






Car Seat Travel for Frenchies-

remember to never leave your french bulldog in the car without the air conditioner running in warm climates.

Extra Large size outside deminsions 22" x 17" x 17" holds dogs up to 30lbs

Solvit-  Jumbo Deluxe On-Seat Pet Booster for Dogs up to 30 lbs


Pet Stroller-

     Never leave your pet in the car!

    Folds flat for storage or travel-sold on Petedge.
Large storage basket for toys, treats, water bottle etc.  
     Large 8" wheels for use on smooth and rough terrain
     Durable, breathable mesh provides airflow & visibility
     One-hand fold mechanism - folds in less than 5 seconds.
     Parent tray holds keys, cell phone, beverage, etc.
     Front & back entries zip open for quick, easy access
     tough, water resistant 600 Denier nylon fabric.




  To see a list of poisonous plants and flowers for DOGS

                             Click Here



  To see a list of poisonous FOOD for DOGS

Click Here    


 Sago Palms are DEADLY poisonous to dogs. Squirrels can carry their seeds into your yard where your dog can eat them and die from liver failure.


  Lastly, a good breeder should offer a written health guarantee of at least a year and conduct veterinary testing and screening  of at least the spines on their pups and breeding dogs to assure new puppy owners they are receiving a healthy, well bred pup. You should also be offered a time period of at least 72 hours to return the puppy for a FULL refund.

AKC Breed Standard 


  This link shows you what a well bred French bulldog should look like.


To purchase a breed video go to the AKC on line store.


Please read as much as you can on this breed's health issues and personality traits.


  A good place to start is this Frenchie book list:



French Bulldog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)- Muriel P. Lee

The French Bulldog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet- Kathy Dannel

Barron's Complete Pet Owner's -D. Caroline Coile Ph.D.


Don't forget the French Bulldog Club of America website has excellent information on health : 


Enjoy your French Bulldog and get ready to embark

on an incredible life experience filled with humor and joy.

Susan Caton



Looking for a puppy

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Pet Quality Pup vs. Show Quality Pup       What is the difference?

French Bulldog Vet Links  

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Original  French Bulldog Artwork for your home  Here

 Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.