A Reputable QUALITY breeder ...

HEALTH TESTS all breeding dogs and puppies. For a complete list of health testing done by reputable breeders go HERE:  


1. Does not breed for pure profit, but for the betterment of the breed, and will have bred the litter for a goal to improve the breed. Those who make income from the breeding of multiple dogs and who rely on this income to pay their bills  are known as a "puppy mill".

    Here links that explain and define puppy mill operations 



Videos about puppy mills-

Humane Society raid in Texas    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF3KQ71qp3M&feature=PlayList&p=8FE3566724DD334D&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=50

FOX NEWS   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fb55x-qAvg&feature=related

 PETA      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW4cp0AvC4w&feature=PlayList&p=626F0BC03E450055&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1

Humane Society http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frPK8JEpU9c&feature=PlayList&p=626F0BC03E450055&playnext_from=PL&index=2&playnext=3

   No matter who you get your Frenchie from you must get pet insurance. This is an expensive breed to own as well as purchase

The insurance I use and recommend is Healthy Paws  

A Reputable Breeder ...

2.  Does not breed multiple breeds. They breed because they are passionate about their chosen breed and want to improve it by breeding healthy puppies that will some day produce healthier dogs. The only reason to breed numerous breeds is to make income.

3. Always puts their full name, email, area of residence and phone number easy to find on the introductory page and/or contact page of their website. Breeders who don't are afraid you will google their name and phone number and find complaints about them, don't believe excuses as to why they don't disclose the name behind the kennel.

4. Will give the intended puppy buyers a full review of the breed, including drawbacks of the perspective breed first, such as potential health problems and exercise requirements. Will give historical information of how the breed was originally developed and especially indicating the breed temperamental "quirks" and if that temperament is suitable for the prospective family and their lifestyle. Responsible breeders do this so the puppy does not end up abandoned in a shelter because the buyer did not understand breed specific behavior and got the puppy because it was "cute" not knowing what its character would be like when grown.

4.  Will have bred the litter and have at least one of the parents for you to look at.  Good breeders allow new puppy owners into their home (where all the animals should live) to view living conditions of all their dogs.

Be leery of anyone wanting to meet you some where other than their home to hand over the pup. Also be cautious of breeders that have a "show room" set up where the puppies and the litter's parent(s) are viewed yet they have other buildings on the property you are not invited to view.

4.   Reputable breeders never ship their puppies to new owners via cargo on an airliner.

  • Reputable breeders want to meet you and make sure you are a good home and educate you about the breed so you give the proper care for your new puppy. 

  •  Second it is too stressful and dangerous to ship a flat faced puppy in cargo on an airliner and caring breeders won't do it.

  •  Third most airlines no longer ship flat face dogs in cargo unless the shipper has a commercial breeder license.

Commercial breeders ship a LOT of dogs of all breeds however they do not have an emotional attachment to the dogs so they will not sue  the airline if the puppy dies. Their business means big money to the airlines so they do allow these large scale operations otherwise known here as puppy mills who have commercial breeders license to ship flat face puppies. So if that cute little puppy you saw on nextdaypets.com website can be shipped to you by air in cargo from the breeder that is a BIG clue you are dealing with a broker for puppy mills or a large scale breeding operation who has a commercial breeders license and not a breeder that only breeds one or two litters a year they raise in their loving home like they stated on their website.

7.  Never sells animals to a pet store.

 8.   Does not advertise puppies on a website where puppies are mass marketed with other breeds or breeders on one giant web sight like puppyfind.com, puppy4you, bestbreeders, Txfrenchbulldogbreeders etc.     

A Reputable Breeder ...                                

9.   Breeds for sound temperament and health. Actually, does health testing on dogs bred and puppies whelped.   In this breed  at least spine x-rays of the pups should be done. Additional testing may be done on patellas, palate exam, heart exam, hearing, thyroid and more.

A   "Health Certificate" from a veterinarian is NOT  Health testing.

     It is only a piece of paper the vet signs after taking the pup's temperature and looking for obvious signs of disease stating he examined the dog and it appears to be free of disease at the time of examination.  This certificate has nothing to do with health testing DONE BY REPUTABLE BREEDERS to find a congenital condition that may show up months or years after you have your pet. TO SEE A COMPLETE LIST OF HEALTH TESTING DONE BY REPUTABLE BREEDERS GO HERE.

10.   Screens the homes their puppies will go to live. Puts the puppy's well being as the number one goal. Will know breed and puppy's capabilities and match puppy to potential buyer. All puppies have different personalities just like people. A good breeder will ask you about your lifestyle and know if a puppy's personality and energy level is right for your lifestyle. The breeder will do you and the puppy a favor if they tell you that a certain puppy or this breed is not the best for you.

11. Will have a sales contract and written health guarantee of at least one year. This document will outline exactly what is  expected of you as purchaser of the dog and what you can expect of the breeder as seller of the dog. This contract should protect you and the breeder of any hidden agendas.

12. Will explain average yearly cost of care for that particular breed. Proper amount of exercise, reasonable confinement, amount of food to feed, etc. ... before you purchase the dog.

13. Always be willing to answer questions long after you have paid for the dog and have taken it home. They should welcome and expect updates on the progress of the puppy's life.

14. Will be your best Veterinarian. Veterinarians have a general knowledge of most pets, however, a breeder specializes in his/her own breed.

     The breeder should be well read in medical problems of the breed they are producing, have extensive knowledge of health issues of their chosen breed, and may be able to guide you in areas where your veterinarian cannot.

     Should have breed club and other breeders they can share experiences with  that are tried and true for their breed.  Breeder should be able to recommend a veterinarian in your area that is familiar with the breed you are getting from them.

15. Will have AKC litter registered pups and not FCI  or APRI that can be converted to AKC. 

16. Will provide at least a 3 generation pedigree to all puppy seekers before they purchase the puppy.  Will have on the average of at least one champion in EACH generation.

17. Is well respected by other breeders in their breed and belongs to breed specific organizations that educate and protect the breed. The French Bulldog Club of America also has a list of French Bulldog Clubs across the country.

     French Bulldog Club of America Breeder Links http://fbdca.org/breeders/

Beware of a breeder that tries to make it appear they belong to a breed club by having this logo only on their website

What makes a Breeder Bad?                        

What is a Reputable Breeder? 


Other Breeders :

Since French Bulldogs are showing up in commercials and print ads they have become popular with the public and the demand has increased bringing this difficultly bred breed to the attention of breeders looking to turn a profit.  Therefore we are seeing an increased  number of French bulldogs in rescue with severe health problems coming from unhealthy and diseased dogs bred from unscrupulous puppy mill operations.  


Puppy Mills -Commercial Breeders

Mass produced puppy mill FRENCH Bulldogs (both US and overseas-Russia and Western Europe) are not bred for health or temperament - many have diseases that may show up right away or months later costing their new owners lots of money in vet bills or tragic heartache in a long illness and early death. Puppy mills also breed multiple breeds to maximize their income and are experiencing a "boom" since the Internet now allows them direct access to buyers.
Red Flag *** Puppies found in PET SHOPS, Flea Markets, newspapers, magazines or on Internet sites like (puppyfind.com, puppy4you.com, puppydogweb.com etc.) that mass market multiple breeds of dogs are FROM puppy mills. 


PUPPY MILLS are the only source large enough to supply the mass market demand of pups for the many uneducated people who buy on impulse or are not willing to wait and get one from a reputable breeder.

It is very unusual for a commercial breeder or puppy mill to allow you to see their facilitiy. Most who sell directly to the public will offer to bring the puppy to you, meet you somewhere on your way to their facility, ship the puppy to you, or, at the most, let you see a few puppies inside their house/showroom. You are kept away from the actual breeding facility where the dogs themselves are housed.

If you're going to buy a dog, MAKE SURE you visit where the puppies are bred and born and see the parents. A lot of people can't turn down a great "deal", but I can tell you from experience that it's MUCH more expensive to pay vet bills for an animal that hasn't been bred properly. PAY THE EXTRA MONEY AND ENCOURAGE RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS!!

Why avoid puppy mills? 
  • Puppy Mills are not breeding dogs for the love of a breed. One mill will have from 100 to 800 breeding dogs of multiple breeds and breed for profit only. They are a business in which the owners breeding the dogs live off the income from selling the puppies they produce. Therefore acquiring healthy dogs to breed, providing sanitary humane living conditions, nutritious food and medical care for their dogs cuts into their profit so the dogs suffer.

  • The dogs and pups bred here live in inhumane squalor and NEVER receive medical attention.

  •  Puppy mills fail to educate about the breeds they are selling and therefore fill up animal shelters with unwanted dogs that the owners bought because the puppy was cute and had no understanding of what the breed was like.

  •  have no concern for the numbers of puppies they produce, other than ensuring that the number is a high one.

  • They have no concern who they sell to, other than that their check clears. They
     do not health test or genetically screen their stock.

  •  do not breed dogs that are correct for the breed standard

  •  do not offer long-term guarantees

  •  breed bitches every heat cycle, with no concern for health.

  • The keep their dogs in cramped quarters

  •  do not socialize puppies or parents

  •  are rarely fed proper diets,

  •  do not receive proper vet care, parasite control or innoculations.

  •  many are infected with mange, coccidia, giardia, fleas, worms or other parasites that thrive in cramped, dirty conditions

  •  puppies are often taken from their mothers much too young, resulting in long term temperament issues

    Since pictures speak louder view this link -
    very disturbing.

            http://canine-world.com/mills.html     Do not show children.

or click here  puppymill2

****Warning these pictures are graphic
and not for those who wish to remain in "ignorant bliss" and buy from an Internet site featuring many breeders posting pictures of cute puppies for sale they will ship to you so you can GET A PUPPY NOW that arrives at your local airport. I don't care what the website tells you-these are puppy mill operations and their pups were NOT raised in "a loving home environment".  I have even seen puppy mill websites showing a cute country cabin and representing the cabin as the "loving" home the dogs are raised in with their human family.

Besides health problems puppy mill dogs will not be a good representation of the breed in appearance or temperament. Often the puppy mill "breeding stock French Bulldogs" are imported from overseas where they are much larger and the dogs  free whelp-saving cost of vet bills for cesarean births compared to American FBs. These dogs will have smaller heads and NOT have flat faces, ears will be pointed and not round on top and they will be "nosey" like a Boston terrier or Boxer and in many cases not resemble a French Bulldog in any way including temperament.

For more information on puppy mills Google-Why are puppy mills bad?

youtube- search - puppy mill videos


Why do PetSmart and Petco not sell puppies in their retail stores?
-they do not support Puppy Mill operations and the only way they could have a constant supply of puppies is to buy from Puppy Millers.


 Puppy brokers buy pups from puppy mills then market them for sale. They are middlemen who retail the puppies from their home, flea market stall or car by the side of the road. They advertise on the Internet, newspapers and magazines. Many of these dogs were imported to the US from out of the country puppy mills or collected from local puppy millers who have trouble selling directly to the public. 


Brokers sell less than healthy dogs, which are called 'class B' dogs, who are often bought in bulk purchases by re-sellers. In the past, these dogs were sold at flea markets, or through seedier pet stores. Now, many of them are sold through on line puppy for sale web sites. After all, buyers can't see where the dogs are being kept, and they don't usually ask to see the parents. It's even rarer for the people using puppy classified sites to think to ask to visit the 'breeder', when shipping is so readily and eagerly offered. Sellers don't even have to keep the puppies on hand - they wait until the orders come in, and then pick up what's needed from the broker warehouse facilities. Lower over head equals greater profits, and when the complaints about sick puppies come in, along with the threats of lawsuits, they simply change 'kennel names' and ad sites, and move on to scamming a new set of victims.

Red Flag *** The IMPORT dogs are FCI or APRI registered or some other obscure canine registry that is not AKC, but the sellers claim they are AKC because they say they can be converted to AKC.  They won't have the Dam of the litter for you to look at.

The imports are  large (30-45lbs. when grown) and do not look like our domestic French Bulldogs.  These imports tend to be "out at the nose", long legged and appear more like "skinny" boxers and frequently contract Demodex mange due to stress of transport. Have more of a terrier personality.

Western Europe imports-Huge, "out at the nose" with pointed ears and hyper temperament.

White one is not acceptable color because it lacks pigment so more likely to go deaf and have severe skin allergies.


Puppy brokers advertise in the NEWSPAPERs, magazines and on Internet sites like puppyfind.com, puppy4you.com, puppydogweb.com etc. that mass market all breeds of dogs.

Red Flag *** Beware of any breeder that will not let you come to their home and look at the conditions their breeding dogs live in or who prefers to meet you somewhere away from their home with the puppy or ship you the puppy. You always want to examine the living conditions and the birth mother and make sure she is healthy and sound.



Backyard breeders or BYB usually do not have bad intentions, per se. Rather, the harm they do is done through ignorance - ignorance of the breed, of canine genetics, of health, and of well being and welfare.

Back yard breeders may act on a desire to make extra money, or simply out of ignorance. Sometimes back yard breeders will breed so "their children can experience the miracle of birth", or they mistakenly believe "every dog should have one litter." They may think their dog is so cute, he/she would make wonderful puppies, with little or no thought for the homes to which their puppies will go. Other back yard breeders see how much money legitimate breeders charge for pups and figure they could make some "easy money" too.

Back yard breeders usually bring two breeding animals together regardless of their quality. They are not interested in scientific breeding. Their aim is to fulfill a personal need or goal, not to improve the breed and bring excellent quality dogs to the world.

In spite of all of this, getting a pup from a back yard breeder is still a gamble, for the following reasons:

* the parents have not been screened for health problems in their breed

* Dogs they are breeding get little or no medical care because backyard breeders cannot afford to take sick dogs to the vet or provide preventative medicine like heartworm meds.
* puppies usually are not sold with contracts or any form of health guarantee
* the breeders are not in it for the long haul, and won't be willing or able to take back the puppy if something goes wrong
* They will be working on new personal objectives in five years when your pet has a problem and you need help.

Although you may pay less for the breed of your choice from a backyard breeder, it's almost a given that in the long run, you'll pay a good deal more in vet bills and perhaps emotional bills (if the dog has to be euthanized due to a health or temperament problem), than you would from a reputable breeder.

Another thing to consider is where the backyard breeder got their breeding stock from in the first place. Since ethical breeders always sell pet puppies on a mandatory spay neuter clause, only two options exist:

* the bitch has been bred without the knowledge of the seller, meaning this litter was born unregisterable and illegally. In some cases, breeders who have learned of litters born without their consent to dogs they have sold as pets have sued and won the right to reclaim any and all puppies sold. This means you could become embroiled in a costly, potentially emotionally devestating lawsuit.

* the bitch herself came from another Back Yard Bredder, a petstore, a puppy mill or  broker.

 These breeders primarily advertise in the NEWSPAPER and on Internet sites like the AKC Classified online ads, puppyfind.com, puppy4you.com, puppydogweb.com etc. that mass market all breeds of dogs. No breed specific health testing and health of puppy is uncertain.

'Rare' Colors Cost More

Brokers are always looking for the next 'hot' thing that will allow them to justify charging something outrageous for their puppies. Be wary of people who market their dogs based on their color's 'rarity' - disallowed colors, over or under sized dogs, and improper ear set are not an excuse to charge more for a dog.

Common Sense Isn't Very Common

Above all, use your instinct when dealing with someone you suspect is a broker. Is what they're saying setting off warning flags? Are they avoiding answering your questions? Do they seem more interested in whether your check will clear than are if you're a good family? If you answer yes to any of these questions, listen to your instincts - don't become one more victim of a puppy mill or  broker, and help break the chain of abuse.

Why do people buy from puppy mills, brokers and BYBs?          

1. Ignorance- It doesn't occur to good, decent people that animals can be abused to produce that cute little puppy they see in the pet store window or on the internet website showing the puppy in a basket with toys and a nice photo backdrop. Nor do they realize the puppy could have been bred from a diseased malnourished dam with sores on her body who can't even stand up.

2. Immediate gratification- Some people want a puppy NOW! They don't want to wait. Finding a reputable breeder, researching the breed and health issues and being a responsible puppy seeker takes TIME and PATIENCE.

3. Duped- Bad breeders have gotten sophisticated and good at fooling puppy seekers who are trying to do their due diligence and find a reputable breeder. They say all the right things like "our puppies are raised in a loving home" and "of course you can see the parents" but in reality their actions do not match their words. When the puppy seeker shows up to see the puppy they are brought to a show room type setting and never see where the dogs live on the property or the breeder/broker comes up with a reason at the last minute the seeker cannot come to their house like they are remodeling and can they meet them some where with the puppy.





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This is Daffy, a six month old Russian Puppy Mill Import is on her way to her Rescue foster home in New Jersey.  Daffy loves everybody, adults, kids, dogs, cats, she would probably even play with the squirrels if they would only let her.   There is not a bad bone in all of Daffy's cute little body.  She's even housebroken.  

Why would anyone dump Daffy?

Daffy itches.  Itch, itch, itch, itch, all day long. Her new owners wanted a cute little French Bulldog to play with, not an ambulatory veterinary bill.  With no one to counsel them and no understanding of the little dog's health issues, they opted to give her to FBRN rather than struggle with what they suspected might just be the beginning of her health problems.


Purchased from a Puppy Broker off the Internet.   New owner thought they were a breeder.

Don't think for a minute that this drop eared 30 pound nine month old puppy the size of a small pony is NOT a French Bulldog.  He is, he is, he is, and he has his Russian papers to prove it.  

Unfortunately for Tucker, he had only been in his new home for three weeks when he bit the family's four year old son.  In his defense, it should be noted that the little boy bit Tucker first, but still, when one or the other has to go to preserve the safety and wellbeing of both, it's the dog that finds himself with his bowl and his bed beside him, waiting for his ride to his new foster home.  His previous owner did not want him back, and there was no breeder standing in the wings looking out for his welfare.
Puppy Buyers Beware!!

This is little Bella. She died from parvovirus five days after purchase. Her owners were absolutely heartbroken and devastated...they didn't know that Bella was one of thousands of puppies that are imported into this country every year from Russian and Eastern European puppy mills by unscrupulous Import Brokers.

Before you buy, investigate! And help us break the cycle, for the sake of Bella and all the other little dogs just like her.




This sweet little snoozing boy is five month old Oscar.  Oscar came off the plane in New York City from a Puppy Mill in horrible shape, a filthy, frightened, miserable little puppy, with giardia, hookworms, ear mites, and congenital dry eye.

His new owners didn't know what to do and no breeder to call for advice, but they did know they just weren't knowledgeable enough to care for a seriously ill puppy.  After just three days, angry and heartbroken, they turned their puppy over to FBRN Rescue.



The Urine and Poop drops down on to the dogs underneath........they cannot escape the filth.

Imagine living inside a box, surrounded by hundreds of barking crying dogs, for years and years, would you go insane?

The lightening was very poor but yet well enough for me to see the horrid conditions these cries were coming from. The smell was so bad that it brought your whole stomach up in your throat. And stung your eyes so bad that it blurred your vision to a degree.
There were dogs everywhere crammed into very small wooden box's that were no more then 5x3 in size. 











In each one of these boxes there were anywhere up to 5 or more dogs in each,
Stepping on each other and trampling to get to the end for me to touch. There was one box full of Chihuahuas and one very tiny very pregnant girl that was being trampled to death. There were line after line of these makeshift boxes in a small building with no
windows no ventilation.


 http://canine-world.com/mills.html     Do not show children.




Puppy mill females are bred over and over and over and over until they die.

No medical care because it is cheaper to let one die and replace it with her puppy.














A mom and her pups, that are just about ready to sell, in a filthy whelping area.





























Rows of small pens behind a dilapidated old barn are filled with small-breed dogs at this puppy mill.




Stop the cycle and tell everyone you  know what you have learned so we    can put a stop to this inhumane treatment.

If you don't buy from them they will no longer be in business.