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Common Health Issues in French Bulldogs

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Since Frenchies have small throat openings you must be careful when giving pills that are not chewable.

When giving  oral medications such as pills, place pill in small amount of peanut butter or cream cheese on a butter knife and wipe it on the back of the dog's tongue. They will gladly swallow the pill.


Due to their “top heavy” weight-many French Bulldogs must be careful going DOWN stairs. 

This same “top heavy” weight distribution prevents them from swimming if not completely then for any length of time. 

Those who own pools or live near water should be careful and closely supervise their Frenchies when they have access to the water.    

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Health Issues

This is a man made breed created for companionship. Frenchies do have expensive health issues and it is important to have good health insurance for your dog so the best treatment can be given.


I recommend FIGO



What every French Bulldog owner needs to purchase

Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pet
- Alcoholic beverages
- Avocado
- Chocolate (all forms)
- Coffee (all forms)

- Fatty foods
- Macadamia nuts
- Moldy or spoiled foods
- Onions, onion powder
- Raisins and GRAPES
- Salt
- Yeast dough
- Garlic

- Products sweetened with xylitol

Warm Weather Hazards 
- Animal toxins—toads, insects, spiders, snakes and scorpions
- Blue-green algae in ponds
- Citronella candles
- Cocoa mulch
- Compost piles Fertilizers
- Flea products
- Outdoor plants and plant bulbs
- Swimming-pool treatment supplies
- Fly baits containing methomyl
- Slug and snail baits containing metaldehyde

Deadly Plant Alert

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Sago Palms

Common examples of human medications that can be potentially lethal to pets, even in small doses, include:
- Pain killers
- Cold medicines
- Anti-cancer drugs
- Antidepressants
- Vitamins
- Diet Pills

Cold Weather Hazards
- Antifreeze
- Liquid potpourri
- Ice melting products
- Rat and mouse bait

Common Household Hazards
- Fabric softener sheets
- Mothballs
- Post-1982 pennies (due to high concentration of zinc)

Holiday Hazards 
- Christmas tree water (may contain fertilizers and bacteria, which, if ingested, can upset the stomach.
- Electrical cords
- Ribbons or tinsel (can become lodged in the intestines and cause intestinal obstruction—most often occurs with kittens!)
- Batteries
- Glass ornaments


Non-toxic Substances for Dogs and Cats 
The following substances are considered to be non-toxic, although they may cause mild gastrointestinal upset in some animals:
- Water-based paints
- Toilet bowl water
- Silica gel
- Poinsettia
- Cat litter
- Glue traps
- Glow jewelry

Poisionous Food for Dogs

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