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Friday, April 20, 2012

Coat Color & Pigment Related French Bulldog Health Issues


Genetics of the Blue French Bulldog

In dogs, the blue coat color is due to a recessive gene known as the dilution gene. This relatively rare gene is usually viewed as undesirable except in certain breeds such as the Weimaraner, one of the only breeds to only be found in the dilute coat color.

If a French Bulldog has two copies of this gene then rather than having a black coat, they will instead be a light blue French Bulldog.

Unfortunately for Blue French Bulldogs, and some other breeds which express this dilute gene, they can suffer from a genetic condition known as color dilution alopecia (CDA). This is a recessive and inherited condition and arises due to a faulty version of the dilution gene.

You may also see a blue French Bulldog with blue eyes. Again, this is seen as desirable by some but will run the same risks of CDA. We encourage owners never to select a dog for their coat or eye color over their health and wellbeing.

This entry consists of a list of links to health related issues in blue/liver dilute colored dogs.  I will also try to place links to consumer complaints about health issues in the blue and dilute colored French Bulldogs.  You are welcome to contribute your own links and suggest resources.  I am seeking links for Frenchie Rescues that are equipped/qualified to deal with dilute colored dogs and their health issues.

DILUTE BLUE coat color alopecia links:





there is a secondary link on this page for blue coats that includes merles and also refers to solid blue coated dogs which you really should check out

excellent in depth info which interestingly explains that this color is found in "mice" - so perhaps the mouse description in the breed standard was quite apropos in its day
great link about bringing in blue dilution coat in the Min-Pin and breeder controversy over it

DEAFNESS links to color in dogs and cats:

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